Wyre Forest Green Alliance

United For A Better Future

Member Organisations

The founding organisations are Wyre Forest District Council, Transition Kidderminster, Transition Bewdley, Friends of the Earth, Green Party, Extinction Rebellion. Several other concerned groups have also joined the Alliance.

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Friends of the Earth works to bring about a peaceful and sustainable world with societies living in harmony with nature. We are part of a growing and diverse network of people transforming our society to one which is sustainable, flourishing and socially just. WF FOE is currently campaigning on climate action, air quality and waste incineration.
Transition Kidderminster exists to ease the path away from fossil fuel dependancy and to achieving a lower carbon footprint generally. With ongoing initiatives such as the Repair Café and Country Market we also promote lower consumption through recycling and support for local produce. Other areas of activity are reducing plastic use and encouraging reduced meat consumption.
Wyre Forest Vegans are involved with many local projects and activities to protect the environment. However, our main focus is on encouraging people to adopt a vegan diet, for the benefit of other animals, their own health, and also for the planet as a whole, particularly as animal farming and industrialised fishing are such huge contributory factors in the climate crisis.
Kidderminster Soroptimists is a member of Soroptimist International which for 100 years has worked to transform the lives and status of women and girls throughout the world. Soroptimists put great emphasis on education and training which is seen as the route to economic empowerment, gender equality and achieving greater personal control of women's own lives and fertility.
Wyre Forest XR is part of the global Extinction Rebellion environmental movement which has the stated aim of using non-violent civil disobedience to compel government action on avoiding tipping points in the climate system, halting biodiversity loss, and thereby avoiding the very real risk of complete social and ecological collapse.
Share Shop Kidderminster is a library of things, a new way to help the environment by renting out everyday things that are used infrequently. We aim to encourage a culture of reuse and reduce waste. Share Shop is run by Create on the Square, a not-for-profit social enterprise focused on encouraging creative enterprise in local communities.
Transition Bewdley promotes a more sustainable, satisfying way of life countering the effects of climate change and reducing dependence on fossil fuels through our Repair Cafe, promoting local food, local energy, events and policy initiatives around sustainability.
Friends of Bishops Wood is a registered Charity that supports the work of Bishops Wood Centre by raising funds for equipment, facilities and activities that otherwise could not be afforded. Members also help run public events at the Centre and support activities to help the communities of Worcestershire and beyond to be more sustainable.
Bewdley Anti-Racism group exists to make Bewdley a more inclusive and anti-racist community that welcomes and values diversity by raising awareness of racism and other forms of injustice. We started up in the middle of 2020 and as there are clear links between environmental issues and racism we are delighted to be members of the Green Alliance.
Wyre Community Land Trust was founded in 2007, with the aim of providing an exemplar social enterprise model of rural land management and community engagement. We work in partnership with many landowners within the Wyre Forest to conserve the environment and promote wellbeing and education in nature.

Alliance membership is for any organisation with a commitment to encouraging environmental sustainability and community involvement.

This can include local groups, branches of larger organisations, faith groups, local councils and environmentally conscious businesses. Please email us (see Home page) if you'd like to discuss membership. Or apply on line from our 'Join Us' page.

There is currently no membership fee.